Social Media For Business


Business use social media because the aim is to earn money more cheaper and easily.

The importance of that a company needs to have a socıal media channel is that they can give some information and hear their audience about what they want. They may share their future plans too.

Different Social Media Channels

Kfc has Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts because whenever they have lots of websites in different platforms they will be able to reach much more audiences.

Some of them can make advertising by using social media and some of them can develop or establish their brands.

Business use social media in different ways to communicate with their audience. You can see competitions on their pages. This way everyone is following that website to earn some presents. You may also see social communities which are supporting something and you can also join them.

Social Communities

Social communities are also important for vital business too. It is an easy way to share opinions, gaining and retaining customers and support what do they want to because you don’t even need to get out to make meetings and share about your opinions. You can do it easily with technology. With this, you can comment your ideas, opinions easily with the thing you want to. For example you can comment about something you didn’t like really much, and they will see your opinion and decide what should they do on that thing.

Monitoring Tools

It is important for a vital business place to know when someone use it’s name in anything because they may use their opinions maybe for example if it is something on twitter which someone comment like: Your fried patatoes  should be better and it should make their sauces better, if they know that their name is in that subject they are getting a notification like Jack used your name. Facebook is one of those apps. On Instagram you can see a notification like this: Justin took your photo!

It is important for a business place to know when someone use it’s name in anything because sometimes  unhappy customers will complain about them. If they do not reply them they will  lose reputation. It is also important to be aware where the advertisement of the company taking place and who are reading this advertisement.  Being aware to be mentioned in social media needs too much time for companies. But by using monitoring tools they can do it easily. For example they can use google analytics.

In KFC’s website when you enter there in the left side it says follow us on Facebook and Twitter so when you click it, it sends you to that website by this way KFC advertise and develop brand.

            Arby’s website has the other links of the apps called Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest. They show their latest meals and advice people to taste it!

When business use social media to engage with their audience  they should take care of the age range of their audience and also their economic status. Business can make competitions, ask for content from audience and create conversation with audience to advertise or control marketing, developing brand media channels.


As a summary we can say that companies gain many benefits such as;
better market knowledge and customer satisfaction by using and engaging in social media.


There’s some programs that may help you with monitoring too.By the help of google analytics they can find out which online campaigns bring the most traffic and conversions, determine where their best visitors are located, learn what people are searching for on their site and visualize what people click on the most. Also another monitoring tool is Hootsuite. By the help of hootsuite companies can monitor multiple streams in one place, manage their social media empire and can get free reports about their brand by email.

Social Media Risks

Although using social media has many disadvantages for business life, there are many risks companies can face on internet. Some people who tries to hack their system might solve their password and get some risky information or they might share bad things too.There’s a system called man in the middle which they can owned dangerous way! They watch your pc and see whatever you do too! That wan everything about that website on theirselves. Key logger is one of the most risky ay they might learn your secret passwords or keywords too! There are also a lot of different ways to do it but these that I explained you are the most dangerous ones! For example Burger King’s account was hacked by McDonalds and they changed it’s name to McDonalds.

Socail Media Policy

The importance of why a company needs to have a social media policy is that  to establish a business identity,to ensure confidentiality of business and customer information, to promote honesty and respect in communication and to separate company and personal messages.For example Anadolu Ajansi has some principles about publishing:

İn their publishes they never use things kind of people’s genders, races, to detract, their believes, detract voices or photos.

This way people know that they are honest and unbiased and everyone trusts and follows them.





Gaming with Social Media

We use social media in our life in many ways; news, music,location,gaming and photos.    I will give you some information about gaming; Steam and Origin.